Tehran based Bavan Gallery presents its first edition of a series of projects entitled “The Land Of The Cypress Tree”, opening during Art Dubai and open for the public until May.

This program of exhibition takes inspiration from the Cypress Tree of Abarkuh located in Iran’s province of Yazd believed to be the oldest cypress tree world. Numerous legends attributed to this tree, its original planting and the travelers who came to gaze upon it, it is above all a symbol of resistance and resilience, of survival under the most extreme conditions, the ideal expression of perseverance.

The eventful contemporary history of Iran has been rarely absent from media exposure and the talk of politicians and activists. How would one try to define himself while keeping out the ideals imposed by media, politicians, intellectuals and the general public? For many Iranian artists the answer has been an introspective exploration and an emphasis on individuality and the individual experience. As the social-political reality remains quite unique to Iran, so does the quality of individual experience in this country, and many artists offer inward journeys in their work that ultimately connect to the broad spectrum that is life in Iran.

“The Land Of The Cypress Tree” is a trans-generational group show Bavan Gallery shows the work of multiple generations of Iranian artists, a collage of ideas and ideals. For these artists the question of survival is often driven by the question “How far can one take one’s thought and imagination”?

“Today there are so many young and talented artists working in Iran especially women artists despite all their obstacles. I see their future so bright and Bavan tries to keep them internationally presented. I believe we will hear from Iranian artists more than before in the coming years.”

Ava Ayoubi, founder of Bavan Gallery

Coverphoto (Home): by Samira Alikhanzadeh
Photos (from top to bottom): works by Samira Alikhanzadeh, Mimi Amini, Elham Pourkhani, Zarbaf
Text: Anahita Vessier

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